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Force of Nature

Written during FIBER Weatherscapes Lab with the intent of developing performative ways of convening with the weather, inspired by Astrid Neimanis methodology of Weather Writing.

“Close your eyes 

Every human made sound you hear is a weather 

Every natural sound is human made 

Write a love letter to this weather, romanticize it aggressively 

Don’t be afraid of cliche

Remind yourself that cliches are cliche for a reason 

Turns out it’s a huge hit, never been heard before  

Give your lyrics to someone else 

Sing these new lyrics outloud to a tune   

Chanel Maria Carey if this helps

While you are singing, make sure you are also listening 

As you hear lyrics around you, absorb them into your own lyrics

Do this until you are all the singing the same song 

This might take some hours, but this is a sign you are writing something good 

Once you are singing the same song, sing in chorus and preferably in harmony  

You’ve just started a boyband, congratulations!  

You’re an overnight worldwide heartthrob sensation

Rolling stones has described you as a “force of nature”! 

You decide this will be the new name of your band 

Force of Nature have just released their first album 

Each song is a new meteorological epoch 

When you listen to the song you are able to travel there 

Each song is a weather portal 

Choose your favorite track 

Jump through the portal 

You realize this is the breakup track 

You are suddenly extremely heartbroken 

The weather of this speculative epoch mirrors your misery 

You remind yourself that pathetic fallacy is not pathetic 

Write a breakup song 

Everyone who hears the song immediately doubles over in tears

This makes you laugh 

Start laughing 

When you hear someone laugh it makes you cry again 

Oscillate between these extreme weathers 

Complain about the fact that the weather is very unpredictable

Make small talk with each other 

What is the smallest talk you can make 

Make yourself very small and talk 

Make yourself very small and sing your breakup song 

This is the music video 

They play it on the weather forecast channel 

Everyone grumbles and cancels their picnic plans 

They stay at home being heartbroken

This dramatically lowers emissions for a day 

Weather instruments record values that are off the chart 

They start to make strange sounds that no one has heard before

Across the globe a choir of instruments start to sing 

This is the backing track to your song 

This is the Force of Nature world tour.”


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