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Liminal states; a list in progress

  • standing in doorframes
  • the moment when two songs are faded together in a dj set
  • walking on the lane divider on roads
  • walking backwards on travelators so that you are actually standing still in relation to everything else
  • tuning an instrument
  • an orchestra getting ready to play
  • sprinters braced on the waiting blocks
  • marinating food
  • beavers
  • amphibians
  • pixelated images
  • an image where the subject is just out of focus
  • that tiny slit when the fridge door is not quite closed but closed enough that the light has switched off
  • bus stops
  • traffic lights and most places of waiting
  • bridges
  • borders that cross bodies of water
  • tomatos. fruit or veg??
  • brunch
  • sporks
  • skorts
  • double slit experiment
  • cats
  • schr√∂dinger’s cat
  • swamps
  • holding your breath
  • that split second when your eyes are closed between blinks
  • sleeping
  • crossing out words instead of erasing them 
  • walls
  • purgatory 
  • fences 

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