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Can you manage?

Land management, water management, anger management, time management, micro managing, managing illness, business managing. How do you manage all that! I hope you’re managing. “The word ‘Manage’ derived from the Italian language ‘maneggiare’ that means to handle, especially tools or a horse. ‘Maneggiare’ derived from two Latin words ‘manus’(hand) and ‘agere’(to act).” To act withContinue reading “Can you manage?”

All holes point to paradise

A splash. A slop. A swish. A crash. The sound of water is a very easy reference to pull from memory. I’ve been sticking a waterproofed piezo mic into various bodies of water lately, and learning a lot about the sound of water. The times when I achieve a classic ‘watery’ sound, the trickling ofContinue reading “All holes point to paradise”

Enacting ecological thinking through interactive performance

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a theatre workshop hosted by co-directors of Waste Paper Opera, who I have previously collaborated with on a workshop Useless L(AI)bour. Aswell as being a really joyful and engaging workshop, it made me think about interactivity. Again, more and as always. During the introduction they introduced oneContinue reading “Enacting ecological thinking through interactive performance”

A message to crumpets everywhere

This evening, chowing down on a piece of microwaved flatbread soaked in a generous amount of butter, I thought to myself, “this tastes a lot like a crumpet.” This made me quite happy at first and then suddenly suspicious. And. that’s when I realised: Are crumpets only nice because they have been designed to containContinue reading “A message to crumpets everywhere”

The noise that polluted the river

This morning at 8am my neighbours had their front drive ripped out. Meanwhile I was deep in dreaming that I was by a river. The image was quite a romantic one of a picturesque river meandering through field surrounded by vegetation. But it was strange because it sounded like a much wider, fast moving riverContinue reading “The noise that polluted the river”