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A message to crumpets everywhere

This evening, chowing down on a piece of microwaved flatbread soaked in a oily lake of butter, I thought to myself, this tastes a lot like a crumpet. This made me quite happy at first and then suddenly suspicious. And that’s when I realised: Are crumpets only nice because they have been designed to containContinue reading “A message to crumpets everywhere”

The noise that polluted the river

This morning at 8am my neighbours had their front drive ripped out. Meanwhile I was deep in dreaming that I was by a river. The image was quite a romantic one of a picturesque river meandering through field surrounded by vegetation. But it was strange because it sounded like a much wider, fast moving riverContinue reading “The noise that polluted the river”

The sofa that ate Berlin

In a dusty neon lit bar that hangs precariously above a busy Berlin overpass, two friends find themselves in a raging discussion about performance after having watched the Triangle of Sadness. It was the same bar they had been to for pre-movie drinks and they had both agreed that they wouldn’t be coming back yetContinue reading “The sofa that ate Berlin”

Force of Nature

Written during FIBER Weatherscapes Lab with the intent of developing performative ways of convening with the weather, inspired by Astrid Neimanis methodology of Weather Writing. “Close your eyes  Every human made sound you hear is a weather  Every natural sound is human made  Write a love letter to this weather, romanticize it aggressively  Don’t beContinue reading “Force of Nature”

My Petrochemical Romance; the meditation 

“Close you eyes and place both your palms on something flat and solid. The floor, a table, your chair. This will be your anchor point. Your touch is light, yet know you held solidly by this one point of contact as the world around you begins to change.  The air around you is starting toContinue reading “My Petrochemical Romance; the meditation “