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In the beginning there was nothing but karaoke

Abashed mum gets forced to the karaoke stage by the girlies. She resists playfully at first but everyone knows theres nothing she wants more. She tip toes to the stage, shy and giggly. Fine, she supposes she could just do oooone. The audience holds their breath, what’s she gonna do? There’s really no telling. AfterContinue reading “In the beginning there was nothing but karaoke”

Touch, non-humans and the 7%

I make kissy noises and high pitched coo’s at my grandparents dogs and I know they know what I’m getting at. At any chance I get, I hold their tiny heads in my hands and stroke their ears back, circling my thumbs against their cheeks, nuzzling my face against their necks and I’m surprised theyContinue reading “Touch, non-humans and the 7%”

All the virtues of the early riser

Of all the virtues a person can display today, none exceed that of getting up early. I’m convinced Instagram only introduced the timestamp so that early morning joggers could boast their 7.15am run while the rest of us sloth until 9. But imagine if we all got into the habit of smashing out a coupleContinue reading “All the virtues of the early riser”

Unexpected edges and the Proximities of Rain 

Our experience of rain is one of being inside it. We understand rain as wetness. We understand it with our bodies in the moment that we collide with it. It is an experience of being totally immersed, surrounded and implicated. Like Random International’s Rain Room but in reverse so that the rain falls only ontoContinue reading “Unexpected edges and the Proximities of Rain “

Seed Time Trackers

I’m currently taking the Radical Imperfection in Time Tracking class with School of Machines. For a week I had tried exclusively tracking my structured or ‘productive’ labour in an attempt to excavate data on the liminal/unstructured/inbetween time during my days that is often much harder to capture. But in regards to time-tracking, I have beenContinue reading “Seed Time Trackers”

Crumpet Conspiracies

Recently I’ve been craving crumpets. The iconic soggy gloopy sponge saturated in moisture, molten butter running through each vein of this holey dough. Cratered like a lunar landscape as though the moon had just been squashed between two palms to craft this perforated puck of oozing wells.  But unfortunately German supermarkets don’t stock such aContinue reading “Crumpet Conspiracies”

Queer Temporalities in non-monogamy

It seems as though when we aren’t hurtling towards exclusivity as a way to prove our undying commitment to each other, haste has been lifted. A comfortable slowness trickles between us. Three, four, five months pass and the milestones that I would normally associate with closeness and stability – success- are no where in sight.Continue reading “Queer Temporalities in non-monogamy”