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Next Week; A Deictic Masterpiece

Let’s meet Next Week we say 

Potential drips off Next Week, it’s pores swelling with optimism,

A temporal surface still untarnished by to do’s, it carries the glossy veneer of foresight, 

But Next Week is something of a deictic masterpiece, 

Because when Next Week arrives, next week is still Next Week,

The word that is swallowed and regurgitated every 7 days, 

It becomes something like a temporal mirage; you move towards it but never get any closer, 

Lulled by it’s deceptively shimmery surface only to find gritty concrete on arrival, 

You said Next Week last week, but I replied this week and swaddled your words in new meaning, 

Next Week sounds good, I reply. 

(reread from the top) 


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